Do you want to make the most of your equipment and learn how to explore the “manual options?

Go beyond the automatic mode of your DSLR camera and discover how to shoot your perfect night photographs.

This 3h course taught and guided by a Professional Graduated Scientist Photographer with experience in the field. This course will make you to learn and understand the following concepts:

        Basic management of DSLR cameras

        Control of shutter speed

        Control of aperture

        Long exposure shoots (tripod required)

        To use your tripod correctly

        To create a good composition

        To control time and to paint with lights

        Basic learning and understanding of Night Photography

The course is open to everybody who wants to learn how to use a digital camera properly and take astonishing night shoots of some of London’s landmarks. Everyone is welcome, from beginners and amateurs to students  and tourists.

        Share the results with your friends and family and take with you a series of concepts which you will never forget. Printed copy of lecture will be provided.

        Price is £120 per person

        The course is available during week and weekend days

For queries and bookings, please email: nightphotoworkshop@gmail.com

Ask us about our workshop/class of 3D Photography, Sunset Photography, Beginner’s Photography, Photoshop and Time-Lapse video.


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